So I followed a previous answer to successfully create a shortcut to a Wine application. I want to hide the desktop icon but still show the launcher icon. I deleted the my-app.desktop from the Desktop but that also deleted my launcher icon.

Any ideas how it can be done? thanks :)


If you successfully created a launcher (.desktop file), the difficult part was already done :).

What you still needed to do was to move the launcher to ~/.local/share/applications (~ stands for your home directory). Then you might have to log out/in, but then the launcher will show up in Dash if the launcher is valid.


Dash by default looks into both /usr/share/applications and ~/.local/share/applications for valid launchers. The first one is for globally installed applications, the latter for local ones, or for local versions (with personal options) of the globally installed launchers.

Since Wine applications are (locally) installed in ~/.wine, you should have your launcher in ~/.local/share/applications by definition.

Additional information

Not really related to this question, but still good to know:
If an application's launcher exists in both ~/.local/share/applications and /usr/share/applications, the first (local) one "overrules" the global one.

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