In trying to drag and drop a PNG imagine to my chrome browser window my desktop is in an hung state.

The mouse pointer is now a small hand icon. I can't click any window buttons.

How to I recover my desktop without rebooting?


You can try reloading the mouse module:

Press Alt + F2 for command execution

  1. command (unloads the module)

gksudo modprobe -r psmouse

  1. command (loads the module)

gksudo modprobe psmouse

If you don't need the chrome session, try killing the chrome window:

Alt + F2 again and then:


The mouse cursor should witch to an "X". Click the chrome window to kill it.


There is a bug report for this problem [1]. In the discussion of this bug I found a solution that worked for me:

  • Switch to a virtual console (Ctrl + Alt + F3).
  • Run pkill nautilus.
  • Switch back to the desktop (Ctrl + Alt + F2).

[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rapidsvn/+bug/402892

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