I'm having an issue with dynamic positioning of images. Basically I made a Conky theme that will move depending on the circumstances. At the bottom of this theme is a process table. I have images inserted as the vertical lines of this table, but I need them to move automatically.

I have a script that will return either 560, 610, or 660 depending on the circumstance. These numbers are y coordinates for the images. I can display the output of the script in Conky via the command: ${exec bash /etc/conky/network.sh}. How can I use this as an integer to position my images? I've tried: ${image /etc/conky/Line.png -p 120, ${exec bash /etc/conky/network.sh} -s 1x180} to no avail. Any suggestions?

execp   command  differs from $exec in that it parses the output of the command, so you can insert things like ${color red}hi!${color} in your script and have it correctly parsed by Conky. Caveats: Conky parses and evaluates the output of $execp every time Conky loops, and then destroys all the objects. If you try to use anything like $execi within an $execp statement, it will functionally run at the same interval that the $execp statement runs, as it is created and destroyed at every interval. 

you can have /etc/conky/network.sh output: ${image /etc/conky/Line.png -p 120,560 -s 1x180} or output the other 2 if you can determine the circumstances in the script.

this${execp bash /etc/conky/network.sh}

will replace ${image /etc/conky/Line.png -p 120, ${exec bash /etc/conky/network.sh} -s 1x180}

in your script

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