It goes like this:

Ubutu 14.04 LTS

I keep it fairly up to date. Usually allow updates when nagged. Was nagged this morning and allowed update. Rebooted. Got a message that something failed. Assumed it was because my /boot was full (again!). Used a procedure that I have used many times to purge old kernel and related files to reclaim space. Assume I over-reclaimed". Ran updater again. It then said I had to reboot. Allowed reboot. Nothing there but air.

I am now running from the original install CD (try ubuntu option). Installed boot-repair but it is stuck on "Purge kernels then reinstall last kernel sda6 (ins). This may require severlal minutes"

Then I installed boot-info and created a report here:


Any advice?

Thanks, Dan

  • Same here. Fresh install from ISO, made a clone, updated the clone. Update hangs "configuring grub-pc". – phunctor Feb 26 '16 at 18:15

OK. Its fixed now by boot-repair. Not sure what I did to fix it but I killed the one that was hung and tried this:

How to restore a system after accidentally removing all kernels?

Rebooted. No help.

Then I tried reinstalling grub (sorry, lost the link but it was a vanilla sudo apt-get ... command).

Rebooted. No help.

After those two attempts, I rebooted from the 14.04 install CD (try ubuntu option), then ran boot-repair again and it completed with a happy message saying that it was fixed and I could reboot. Maybe it would have just worked the second time through without my other gyrations.

Rebooted. Profit!

Good luck to those who come along later on.

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