I've just read this answer about changing Spotify preferences, but I don't understand; where can I find the file ~/.config/spotify/Users/[Spotify user name]-user/prefs to be able to edit it? Do I have to use the Terminal?

If possible, can you explain step by step how to find ~/.config/spotify/Users/[Spotify user name]/prefs?


I found it using Google Chrome:


But I cant edit it. How do I edit a file in a folder that starts with a .? Do I need to be root user?

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    CTRL+H while in ~? – kos Feb 25 '16 at 19:03

Like kos said:

In nautilus you can use CTRL + H to show hidden files.

Or you can use terminal:

nano /home/tim/.config/spotify/Users/tim/prefs

or if you want to use gedit to edit to file:

gedit /home/tim/.config/spotify/Users/tim/prefs
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