I'm new to UNIX. On my Windows work computer I have Anaconda and do a lot of Python work. I installed Anaconda on Ubuntu 14. I would like to type conda or activate in a terminal and have those work.

On Windows, the path is modified to include anaconda/scripts. Should I modify the path to include $home/anaconda/scripts? If so where and how?

Alternatively should I define a variable like $conda which would be that path above so in a terminal I could type $conda/conda? If so where and how?

My home is encrypted. The answer could affect all users or just me, I'm the only user anyways. Thanks


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From the Anaconda user guide:

For example, using the environment named “research”, a user could enter the following command to update the system PATH.:

export PATH=/opt/anaconda/envs/research/bin:$PATH

You can add the export to the end of /home/user/.bashrc for a persistent solution.

Also see the Environment Variables link from @Gunnar Hjalmarsson for more info.

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