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My Grub initially had boot options for both Ubuntu and Windows 10 (displayed as "Windows 7 loader", since I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 after Ubuntu/Grub was installed). Anyway, I was trying to fix a problem with Ubuntu that I thought had to do with Grub (it turned out to be totally unrelated). In the process, I tried using Boot-Repair from a live CD and chose the "Recommended Repair" - log. However that actually removed the Windows option from Grub.

I was thinking of using Boot-Repair to "restore MBR" to get Windows back, but then I would have to reinstall Grub (I'd imagine using Recommended Repair). But considering the first time it removed Windows from Grub, I'm not sure that would work.

How do you recommend I get Windows back as a boot option in Grub?

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I really like Boot Repair cause it makes stuff really simple.

There is also a command-line based solution. Also worth trying if above fails.

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