I've had a working installation of adb and fastboot (for Android debugging and development). It used to be that when I type adb it launches the command line help for adb. Now it says this: bash: /usr/local/bin/adb: No such file or directory as if it's only looking for it in /usr/local/bin/adb, right? Though I still do have it in /usr/bin/adb and can still use it by typing the absolute path.

Further more, I have several aliases in my Bash Aliases file; one of which is sysupgrade (it does what it sounds like) but when I tried this today, it failed. So I ran the next lines in terminal interpreting some help wrong on a forum which says to put it in /etc/profile:

export PATH

But my aliases now work! It's just that adb and fastboot don't. I've tried which and nping which are all in /usr/bin and they all work.


Output of echo $PATH


Update 2

hash -r didn't show anything. But hash showed:

hits    command
   1    /usr/local/bin/adb
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    Give hash -r a try. – Cyrus Feb 24 '16 at 20:32

adb was hashed at /usr/local/bin/adb, meaning the shell remembered its location and wouldn't look again in the PATH to see that it had been deleted/moved. Normally hash -r would unhash everything including adb, but it didn't in this case - not sure why, but running hash -d adb would also do it. Restarting the shell also unhashes everything.

If you had run type adb before fixing the issue, you would have seen this:

adb is hashed (/usr/local/bin/adb)

This is one of the reasons why type is better than which.

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I still can't pinpoint the root cause of the problem but I fixed it after some trial and error.

I did which adb and which fastboot

which showed: /usr/local/bin/adb and /usr/local/bin/fastboot

And I simply did sudo rm /usr/local/bin/adb and sudo rm /usr/local/bin/fastboot

exit terminal/restart and I'm good to go.

Now adb and fastboot correctly execute /usr/bin/adb and /usr/bin/fastboot

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    which is useless for debugging this. The type builtin would've told you what was really going on. – geirha Mar 2 '16 at 8:21

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