How I can use multiple IP addresses that I've added to my NIC to send different requests to different servers?
For example, my IP address is: 

I've added two more IP addresses to my NIC: 

My question is, how can I split the requests? For example, use to browse the internet only, and use to download an application from terminal. (Using command-line or a python script)


The software which sends request can probably bind to a specified address ,look at the parameters or config file

If you are using socket.create_connection() , the last parameter is source_address


wget --bind-address= 

For browsing internet, the source ip is determined by routing parameter preferred source , but that is a networking question i could not find any answers on how to change.


for browser, setup squid proxy server and enter proxy ip( with port number into browser.

sudo apt-get install squid3

http_access allow test_network

acl test_network src

sudo service squid3 restart

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