I've submitted a 'papercut' bug to launchpad, that I think I can possibly have a go at fixing.

What is the process for obtaining the relevant source code (I'm not entirely sure where I'd find the code responsible) and then submitting the change back to Ubuntu?

  • the first thing to do is make sure you're running latest and ppa(if the developer of that project has a bleeding edge ppa) and make sure it's not already fixed and just hasn't been backported yet. apt-get source packagename drops the source for the relevant package in the current directory. this isn't an answer because i have no idea on submitting the change. get up with @JorgeCastro - his profile says he helps out with this type of thing Commented Oct 30, 2011 at 15:39

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Main tool on Ubuntu/Launchpad to manage SW version controls and SW changes is Bazaar. You can find a wiki here.

In summary, to submit a change you should:

  • Install bazaar: sudo apt-get install bzr
  • Generate a SSH key and register it to you launchpad user ID (see the wiki mentioned above);
  • Look for the package you want to fix. As an example let's say the package is 'swtobefixed'.
  • Download the branch: bzr pull lp:swtobefixed
  • Update the local code and test it on your machine
  • Commit changes: bzr commit -m "Revision 1 Comment"
  • Push the change to launchpad: bzr push lp:swtobefixed

Please consider packages works with permissions. References:

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