I have Ubuntu Server 12.04 installed as server. Also tftp server, dhcp3-server, syslinux and apache were installed on it. There are lots of clients which I am trying to install Ubuntu Server 12.04 on them through local network.

I used nfs to install 12.04-server with these DisklessUbuntuHowto and PXE install Ubuntu Server using NFS and many others. Installer loads but it is not using Local Network NFS, it is asking for Network Mirror (this works for ubuntu 14.04-desktop and install successfully). Client supports PXE boot and gets IP from dhcp3-server, tftp transfer kernel (linux) and initrd.gz completely, everything is fine till asking for mirrors.

I also used memdisk which 12.04-server.iso load correctly (client has 2Gb ram, doesn't matter if tftp is slow yet) and its grub appear. I did like this and many others same as Syslinux wiki which describe Memdisk. When I try to install, first questions are fine, but asking for cdrom and says cannot mount it.

Furthermore, I setup local mirror list and http server (e.g. mount 12.04-server.iso with -o loop in /var/www/ubuntu/ (or also one time tried to copy them and of course I copied .disk directory). I answer my local mirror list which works till installing base system and I got this message:

Debootstrap warning
Warning: was corrupt

When I use an Internet mirror list, it install successfully. I checked apache logs installation looks for precise-updates instead.

I checked md5sum the ISO file from ubuntu.com site and were the same. I searched a lot but they didn't have a working answer.

My question is how to install ubuntu-12.04-server.iso on many clients through local network?


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