How to create a Hy-bride boot mode pen-drive which can support both UEFI Mode and Legacy BIOS mode?
When we create a USB stick with UEFI mode which can't run in Legacy BIOS mode, and when we create a USB stick with Legacy BIOS mode that also unable to run in UEFI mode. why I want both BOOT MODE?
1)for security :- I want to fix some problems or remove viruses--- for that I use bitdefender-rescue-cd.iso in UEFI mode.(But not run in Legacy mode.)/
2)For surfing :- Multi_boot USB which have both boot loader.
Also I was try YUMI(for making bitdefender-rescue-cd in UEFI) and Unetbootin(for making Linux_mint17.1_live_cd in Legacy) combined and I was successfully copy data into USB but only UEFI mode is Working.
Is it any way to make or Copy Legacy or UEFI boot loader manually?


I also have a Laptop whose motherboard BIOS supports both Legacy and UEFI Boot options.

I use RUFUS as a utility to create bootable media for both Linux and Windows platforms. It has options such as Partition scheme and target system type which creates the bootable media for below mentioned types.

  1. MBR Partition scheme for BIOS (Legacy) and UEFI
  2. MBR Partition scheme for UEFI
  3. GPT Partition scheme for UEFI

And also for specific type of ISO files supported with EFI-CSM , the utility is able to create bootable media accordingly.

To create a bootable USB that supports both Legacy and UEFI Boot options proceed as follows.

  1. Open Rufus utility.
  2. Select the USB drive onto which you want to create the live bootable media.
  3. In order to support both UEFI and Legacy boot select the first option i.e MBR Partition scheme for BIOS and UEFI under partition scheme and target system type.
  4. Select file system as FAT32 and Default Cluster size.
  5. Tick the box with Create a bootable disk using and browse for the ISO file.
  6. Click START and wait for it to complete.

After completion boot the USB on any PC and you will see that it provides option to boot through LEGACY and also through UEFI.

(NOTE: Ensure that your BIOS settings have been set to allow Legacy Boot options and not strictly UEFI.)

Here is a picture of how it works.! enter image description here

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    This answer doesn't truly support both BIOS and UEFI as the solution requires configuring the PC to use legacy BIOS emulation – HairOfTheDog Dec 18 '18 at 2:06

Rufus Persistent Pendrive install

That works with both BIOS and UEFI

Rufus does an OK job of installing Ubuntu Live to USB. It works with both BIOS and UEFI. It does not do Pesistent installs out of the box.

Many people prefer a Persistent pendrive that will save changes.

  • Create a Live pendrive using Rufus.

  • Create a casper-rw file:

    sudo dd if=/dev/zero of =casper-rw bs=1M count=512

    sudo mkfs.ext3 -L casper-rw -F casper-rw

(where count=512 is persistence size, with max 4GB).

  • Move the new casper-rw file to the root of the Live Pendrive.

  • Edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg, add a space and the word "persistent" after quiet splash ---.

  • Drive will now be persistent.

*Casper-rw partitions do not work with Rufus.

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