After a long work i succesfully install dual boot Linux (Bio linux 8) on a macbook Pro with Mac OSX El Capitan. First of all i install reFIND on mac and this helpfull utility give me the opportunity to select to start up linux from a USB drive. After the installation of ubuntu now reFIND doesn't start at first and only ubuntu get the priority so i can't choose between Mac and linux. How can i solve my problem (the partion Machintosh HD still present and even the boot/efi)?

Thank you

  • Bio Linux 8? Seems off topic. – mikewhatever Feb 19 '16 at 20:35
  • Try downloading and running the refind-mkdefault script in Ubuntu. This is not yet part of rEFInd, but will be with the next release. – Rod Smith Feb 19 '16 at 22:01

You xan install rEFInd from ubuntu. It should then boot inyo that rEFInd, and be able to find the OSX installation.


Press ESC at grub menu and type exit to get to the refind boot menu. If you sync your partition tables that may also help. Run boot-repair in Ubuntu if you can't sync them in refind and it will add the option to grub

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