I followed the first answer to this question.

 sudo apt-get install build-essential
 wget http://www.cmake.org/files/v3.2/cmake-3.5.0-rc2.tar.gz
 tar xf cmake-3.5.0-rc2.tar.gz
 cd cmake-3.5.0-rc2
 sudo apt-get install checkinstall
 sudo checkinstall

And this worked but ccmake was not installed. While googling I couldn't find how to add to the build/install cmake-curses-gui too.


I found an answer:


  1. Install libncurses5-dev
  2. Reconfigure/compile/install cmake
  3. Restart the shell (initially it was available, but the shell couldn't find it)

Solution (2018-12-07):

This doesn't work out of the box for me on Ubuntu 18.04 but the libncurses5-dev is a prerequisite library.

As said on SO there; I fixed it by running cmake-gui (the one previously installed without ccmake) in the sources directory of cmake itself (sounds strange but worked like a charm).

Then, I looked for BUILD_CursesDialog (as suggested in this thread [1]) in cmake-gui.
This option wasn't checked, so I checked it.
Click configure & generate.
Close cmake-gui.
Then run make -j4 & $ sudo checkinstall (I previously used $ sudo dpkg -r cmake to properly remove cmake).

[1] https://cmake.org/pipermail/cmake/2011-November/047657.html


$ which cmake

$ which cmake-gui

$ which ccmake

$ cmake --version
cmake version 3.13.20181205-gf92e9

$ cmake-gui --version
ccmake-gui version 3.13.20181205-gf92e9

$ ccmake --version
ccmake version 3.13.20181205-gf92e9

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