I'm wondering if it is possible to know the packet (or frame) drop rate on a specific WiFi interface, at mac layer so without using any upper layer network measurement tools ?


I think wavemon is a nice tool to monitor wifi quality. I am not exactly sure if mac retries, invalid, missed beacons are the figures that you are looking for. Give it a try.

What about /sbin/ifconfig. I think it also shows the number of dropped packets.

  • wavemon is the way to go, that's really cool – cat May 19 '17 at 13:17

Try: cat /proc/net/wireless

Example output:

Inter-| sta-|   Quality        |   Discarded packets               | Missed | WE
 face | tus | link level noise |  nwid  crypt   frag  retry   misc | beacon | 22
wlp5s1: 0000   49.  -61.  -256        0      0      0   8673   3336        0
  • 2
    I thought maybe the weird formatting was a result of having copied the result from a too-small terminal but no, it actually looks like that – cat May 19 '17 at 13:16

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