Ok i need to extract a zip archive named 'example.zip' but i would like to extract it as a different file name, not 'example' being my folder name, how could i extract a zip archive using unzip called 'example.zip' and extract it as the folder name 'examplefold'

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By default, unzip extracts the content of the archive directly into the current directory.

You can specify a different target directory where to extract the files using the -d option:

unzip example.zip -d /path/to/wherever/you/want/the/archive/to/get/extracted

Or if the archive itself contains a folder example which you want to extract to the current directory, but with a different name, you must manually rename it to examplefold afterwards:

unzip example.zip && mv example examplefold
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    if there exists a example folder already then does this work?
    – alhelal
    Sep 15, 2017 at 3:17

Assume that you have some zip files with these names:

2.zip, 25.zip, 45.zip, ..., 10352.zip

Also, in each zip file there is a folder which is called tmp. I will write a bash file (say zz.sh) with this content:

for zipName in 2 25 45 65 85 110 264 1000 10352
    unzip $zipName.zip
    mv tmp tmp_$zipName 

Then run the file by:

bash zz.sh

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