I have three 15.10 systems with Google Chrome installed. Two play purchased Amazon movies just great. One gives me a "Digital Rights Error" tells me to enable Widevine and refer to error 7235. I think this is a problem with Chrome DRM, not with Amazon because the test video here won't play on the problem system either (it plays great on the working systems): http://www.dash-player.com/demo/drm-test-area/

I did a quick look through my packages and I've got chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra, gstreamer-ugly, and similar packages all installed. I've tried:

  • Installing, then uninstalling mjblenner's zombie hal package
  • Signed in and signed out of my Google account in Chrome
  • Forcing the user to sign in to the Ubuntu desktop, or allowing it to log in without signing in
  • Logging out of my Google account in Chrome, deleting all data from the Settings windows, uninstalling chrome, deleting ~/.config/google-chrome, then re-installing chrome.

The only other difference between the working systems and the non-working systems is that the Chrome version number says

Version 48.0.2564.109

on the working systems and

Version 48.0.2564.109unknown

on the system that doesn't play DRM.


I also asked here: https://productforums.google.com/forum/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=footer#!msg/chrome/QUPNuAndwAI/X9--o_OuBQAJ

JPApen suggested I install google-chrome-beta instead of google-chrome-stable and that fixed it - yay! They also said that google-chrome-stable would have this fixed in a couple weeks (today is 2016-02-14)


I opened "Software & Updates" from the dash, picked the "Other Software" tab, clicked the Add button, and where it says "apt line" I put:

http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ beta main

That's the same as the stable apt line except for the word beta.

Then from a command line:

sudo apt-get remove google-chrome-stable
sudo apt-get install google-chrome-beta

I actually used purge instead of remove because this is a relatively new installation and I didn't care about keeping my settings. Note that purge now removes your repository as well.

I did NOT need

  • hal
  • to be signed into chrome
  • flashplugin-installer or any kind of flash (I think)
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