It may seem like a duplicate question, but it's not. I have a Sony Vaio that I installed Ubuntu 15.10

It was not a dual boot. During installation, I picked "erase everything and install ubuntu". Still after installation, it tries to boot into Windows, and Vaio care recovery options show up. Of course recovery is not an option because I cleaned up the drive. Still, somehow vaio recovery remains. Any ideas?


Yes, it's UEFI. As far as I understand, some manufacturers write code into UEFI to make the computer to try booting Windows every time. Sony Vaio apparently is one of those models.

I found the solution here. It's using efibootmgr to delete "Windows Boot Manager" entry and add a Ubuntu boot entry.



Is the laptop UEFI? If so the BIOS will need to know what to boot. This page has some info on the settings required that may be helpful.


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