I have an amazing USB transfer rate when I use unity. But when I am running gnome with i3 or only i3, I get terrible USB transfer rates. How to fix this?

p.s.: i3 is a windows manager, and not the processor.

  • What software do you use to copy to USB? Nautilus? Some other file manager? cp? What's the read/write performance of the USB drive when you use tools like dd [io]flag=direct or some other disk performance tool like Gnome Disks? – David Foerster Feb 17 '16 at 13:13
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    Maybe there is no way of fixing it: askubuntu.com/a/284053/21195 , maybe... – Rodrigo Martins Feb 20 '16 at 11:57

Check the USB Driver version. In case your USB device 2.0 --> Port 3.0 means its supported 2.0 Speed, Its depends upon your motherboard specification / USB port manufacturer. So its will depend upon your motherboard.

Don't mention I3 it is the Processor of your system,

So check the motherboard. In-case 3.0 below > > older version means update the motherboard hardware.

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