On all 3 of my Ubuntu 14.04.3 workstations when restarted the UFW firewall is deactivated and has to be started manually sudo ufw enable. My UFW.conf is set to enable startup as follows:

# Set to yes to start on boot. If setting this remotely, be sure to add a rule
# to allow your remote connection before starting ufw. Eg: 'ufw allow 22/tcp' ENABLED=yes


I know this was a while ago, but here is a solution.
(Duplicate of 14.04 missing “/etc/init.d/ufw”? my firewall never auto starts)

For the effort that went into figuring out the solution, the answer is surprisingly simple.

In /etc/init/ufw.conf:

1) Comment out lines 9 - 11 2) Insert after line 11: start on startup

Fixes the whole problem, including logging to /var/log/ufw.log.

If you have iptables-persistent installed, you must disable it. Move iptables-persistent out of /etc/init.d and rename all the symlinks in rc0.d-rcS.d by making the 1st letter (S or K) lower case. (Or move them out.)

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