How do I add KRename to the context menu so I can select files and use right click to rename them from the contextual pop up?

I want to do this to make bulk or batch renaming of files faster so I don't need to open up KRename and manually navigate to the folder each time when I already have the folder I want to work with opened.

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Solution For KRename 4.0.9 - Nautilus-Actions 3.2.3 - Ubuntu 14.04

1. First you will need KRename, of course.

a - Open software center, search for krename, install it.

(or sudo apt install krename in terminal)

2. Next you will need the Nautilus Actions Configuration Tool.

This application allows you to customize commands to add to your context menu (the pop up when you right click on a file)

a - Open Ubuntu Software Center

b - Search for and install Nautilus-Actions Configuration tool

3. Now you want to open Nautilus Actions Configuration Tool.

a - On your sidebar click to open "Dash", the top-most icon (by default) which allows you to search your computer for installed applications.

b - Search for nautilus actions and click to open the Nautilus-Actions Configuration Tool.

c - Click Define New Action (top left-most icon with the green +)

d - The Action tab should be open. For Context label enter Bulk Rename With Krename or anything that best describes this command to you.

e - Click the command tab. For path enter /usr/bin/krename

f - For parameters enter %B

g - Check that Working Directory is %d

h - optional - put this custom command at root of context menu (save yourself extra mousing to open)

h1 - Click the Edit Your Preferences Icon (wrench/screwdriver)

h2 - Uncheck Create a root Nautilus-Actions menu and click okay

i - Click File -> Save

j - Exit program

k - You may have to log out of your user account and back in for the setting to take effect. You may even have to reboot, I forget.

4. Test it

a - open a folder with files you want to rename

b - select some of them

c - right click on selected files, you should see the option Bulk Rename With Krename (or nautilus actions -> bulk rename with krename)

If done correctly it will open up KRename and the selected files will be automatically added to work with more fasterer.

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