I have Ubuntu 14.04 installed. I want to secure my folder. How can I add permissions to allow for write and read access and not removed the folder?

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Write and removed permission in the linux system is same . If you set your folder permissions to writable , it can be removed . To secure your folder from everyone , I suggest you to type this command :

Example folder is /home/drajat :

chmod 700 -R /home/drajat

If you want to set your folder only read for everyone type this command :

chmod 744 -R /home/drajat

Info :

number 7 = its code to sent the system to make my folder is accessible(read only) , writable, and executable only for the owner(you) .

number 4 = its code to make your folder read for everyone , but they can write/removed and executable all file in your folder.

number 0 = its code to make every user and group in your system can't access , read and executable your folder .


Why are you concerned with the removal of the folder?
Removing of a folder can only happen when it's empty. And when you give write access inside the folder, all files can be removed.
If you want a folder available at all times, you can make a script to recreate it, if it was deleted.

 [ ! -d *folder* ] && mkdir *folder*

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