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I'm a newbie to Ubuntu. My laptop runs Ubuntu MATE and I want to have remote access to it (like when I'm not at home). Can I access it from another machine running Windows? How?

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Access throught ssh If you want a terminal access to your laptop, you can use SSH. For that, you need to install ssh server on your laptop and have an ssh client on your Windows machine.

On you laptop, install ssh server (and client)

sudo apt-get install ssh

On your windows machine, you can use a tool like putty.

If you need an access to transfert file, you can use WinSCP. Using the same tool on server side.

Access throught VNC If you prefer have a remote access to your desktop (more visual), you can use VNC. In this case, install vino. It is a VNC server.

sudo apt-get install vino

And use a VNC Desktop Remote Viewer like vinagre, or RealVNC on Windows.

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I've had success remotely logging in over a local network using xrdp. http://c-nergy.be/blog/?p=5382

As per suggestion, here's more detail on how to install and use xrdp including some customisation. Example uses LXDE, adjust to taste...

XRDP install/config

  • Install XRDP and LXDE desktop. sudo apt-get install xrdp lxde

  • Ensure a suitable keyboard mapping file is in place in /etc/xrdp. For example, for UK source a file called km-0809.ini. Ensure permissions/ownership are correct using sudo chown/chgrp user file.

  • Also in /etc/xrdp, edit startwm.sh to comment out the line . /etc/X11/Xsession and add a line lxsession.

  • Edit /etc/xrdp/xrdp.ini to amend port=-1 to port=ask-1to enable the ability to select already running sessions.

  • In /usr/share/xrdp customise ad24b.bmp and xrdp24b.bmp as required. Example, legal warning/notification in ad24b.bmp in a 140x140 size file. The other file can contain any suitably sized background image. As above, ensure ownership/permissions are correct.

  • Perform a restart of xrdp before attempting a login. sudo service xrdp restart

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