During a private window session in Firefox, pictures I want to "Right Click > Save Image as" seem to default into a different folder.

Normal browsing and other downloads not using the above method are set to the default "Home/<user>/Downloads" folder, so I'm fine with these. But because I switch often between private and normal browsing, it can get annoying having to dig for a separate folder for all my downloads.

How did this happen and How do I change it back to using the default download folder?

If ever, can I set separate default download folders for these methods?


Accidental fix. Long story short:

  1. Go to the url: about:config. It will warn you that it's dangerous. Continue
  2. Look for browser.download.lastDir. There's a search bar at the top.
  3. Double-click the browser.download.lastDir row. A prompt will appear.
  4. Edit as needed. Click Okay. Close your browser to refresh.

Following this link in Mozilla's FAQ, I saw how to alter its variables. Unfortunately, the steps after that didn't correct it, so I searched for other variables.

browser.download.lastDir contained the folder Firefox defaulted to, so I tried changing it. It worked.

My other questions haven't been answered yet so I'm open to other, more detailed answers.

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