I have searched this subject in great detail and still not able to connect my raspberry pi to the web via Ethernet.

I have no problems making ssh contacts with the pi.

I used this video as a start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZK-JHfJqmkY

Its Not working.

I'm running ubuntu 15.10 So how do I get my pi connected to the web using Ethernet from my computer?


This question sounds almost identical: Share wireless Internet connection through ethernet

Here's whatchya gotta do: (thanks @SuperMau):

In the server computer:

1. On the computer connected to the Internet, click the network icon in the panel and go to "Edit Connections..." at the bottom of the menu.

enter image description here

2. Double click your Wired Connection (Leave your wireless connection untouched, the one connected to Internet and the one you want to share, as I understand)

enter image description here

3. In the "IPv4 Settings tab", select Method: "Shared to other computers"

enter image description here

4. Reconnect clicking on the Wired Network so it gets its new IP address. (The two computers must be connected by an ethernet cable for this step, so connect them now if you have not already.)

5. Click on "Connection Information" in the network menu and write down the IP address and network mask (in my case it was assigned but I do not know if that will always be the case)

enter image description here

In the client computer:

6. Go to "Edit Connections..." and assign a "Manual" Method. Assign an IP assress in the same subnetwork ( for example) and put the IP and network mask you wrote down in "Netmask" "Gateway" and "DNS servers"

enter image description here

7. Reconnect to the network to let the new settings be assigned.

8. Pat yourself in the back and surf away!!!

  • Ok How would I set up this Manual Method for the Raspberry pi? It Doesn't have the same set up like most computers – YouBob Brutegeek Feb 8 '16 at 5:42
  • Once you know what IP your Ubuntu host has on that ethernet port, simply set the Pi's IP to that same IP, but with a different last segment. i.e. if Ubuntu has then the Pi needs 10.0.53.x – Daniel Feb 8 '16 at 14:41

OK I figure it out. It was simple what was I missing is the how to configure the Raspberry Pi eth0 settings.

Here's what I done.. I did all of steps 1-5 as shown before now I went on to the pi (client side) and typed in

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces 

Then I edited that file to look like this.

auto eth0

iface eth0 inet static







Pretty simple. I took the information from my wifi connection and the new Ethernet connection, and plug in the numbers. I'm glad that I came here because you guys pointed me into the right direction. Thanks

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