On Kubuntu 14.04, rebooting after installing virtualbox-5.0_5.0.14-105127-Ubuntu-trusty_amd64 results in a text (terminal like) user login name and password prompt. Entry results in "incorrect password" message and repeat login prompt. How can I solve this?


I guess the terminal keyboard is set to default settings, meaning the US keyboard, and you use some special keys in your password. Use a picture of the US keyboard end enter your password.

Link to Pics of US Keyboard

Update: Just comes to my mind....

Try to boot an older kernel in 'Advanced options for Ubuntu', if there is one available (press left < shift > key right after your computers BIOS/UEFI screen, if you don't see the GRUB boot menu). Your system may boot normally then.

To configure your console keyboard, once logged in...

Changing TTY keyboard layout on a server?

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