I have a small problem. I am using Google Pinyin via Fctix on Xubuntu, and I am typing the word "彼得" a lot. However, there is a more common Chinese combination, "比的", which appears before the characters "彼得".


I would rather have 彼得 appear after the combination 比的. Normally, Google Pinyin will automatically detect which characters you use the most, and move the most used characters to the front. But I've been typing 彼得 for a long time and it is still in "second place". Can someone help me out? Thanks in advance for any advice!


There is an alternative to Google Pinyin, and that is Sun Pinyin. In Linux, it looks exactly like Google Pinyin, but it seems to have a better memory than Google Pinyin. You can install Sun Pinyin using the following command:

  • sudo apt-get install ibus-sunpinyin sunpinyin-data

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