I have installed the linux-lowlatency kernel recently.
Setup of a DAW (MIDI support) was the reason to change from Fedora to Ubuntu.

After reboot uname shows that I am running the generic kernel.

There are 2 entries (normal and revovery) for the lowlatency kernel in
but the grub menu does not show up at boot time at all.

... and no - I do not want to buy Windows software like an answer else where to this question suggests

  • have you tried reconfiguring/re-installing grub? – Elder Geek Feb 6 '16 at 16:01
  • Sometimes GRUB can be configure to not show at boot at automatically boot to first entry. Try holding the left shift button at start-up to make it show. – user323419 Feb 6 '16 at 19:13

To enable the grub menu to select the kernel, you have to comment the line in /etc/default/grub


Then you have to run update-grub and reboot and the grub menu should appear.


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