I use my Wacom Intuos Pro. And it works very well. I try to use the pad buttons work like the left and right mouse buttons. But I can not. Can anyone help me?


I have a different tablet, but I use this script:

# the darn thing change names if is on wireless or not...
device=$(xsetwacom --list | grep -i "pad" |  awk '{print $(NF-2)}')

xsetwacom --set "$device" button 1 "key ctrl z"
xsetwacom --set "$device" button 3 "key shift ctrl s"
xsetwacom --set "$device" button 8 "key shift ctrl l"
echo "Ok --- all set on device $device."

exit 0

It will need a bit of try and error to find the buttons; what I do is normally use a script assigning a letter to each key an clicking in a terminal to check, like

xsetwacom --set "$device" button 1 "key 1"
xsetwacom --set "$device" button 2 "key 2"

... and so on.

The manual of xsetwacom says:

 Button button-number [mapping]
          Set a mapping for the specified button-number. Mappings take the
          form of either a single numeric button or an 'action' to be per‐
          formed. If no  mapping  is  provided,  the  default  mapping  is

          Numeric  button  mappings  indicate  what  X11 button number the
          given button-number should correspond to. For example, a mapping
          of  "3" means a press of the given button-number will produce as
          a press of X11 button 3 (i.e. right click).

so to define the buttons 1 and 2 (example out of the blue) to left and right mouse button you should do:

xsetwacom --set "$device" button 1 1
xsetwacom --set "$device" button 2 3

(not tested, I have my tablet at the office).


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