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I was notified with a bunch of updates just half an hour ago, mostly security updates in nature. Without thinking much I authenticated the installation. It required me to reboot to apply the changes. After reboot I noticed that the network was not working. Please check the image below.

The error I'm getting on network

Also on restarting again I got a error message that Ubuntu has faced an internal error. Since my network is not working I couldn't send the crash report to Ubuntu. Please check the screenshot below.

The internal error message

I'm new to Ubuntu. Just a 1 week old user. I think if I can somehow revert back the Wi-Fi update, i.e., backport it may help to solve the situation. But I don't know how to or if that's the only solution. Please help me out.


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It's hard to tell from the GUI error messages, but since you're on 14.04 it's likely your problem is the same as this one: Last upgrade crashes network manager (no internet connection, no applet)

Check /var/log/apt/history.log and if the recent updates included libnl libnl-genl libnl-route then it is the same problem and you can find the answer at the link above.

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