link to my tablet

I am horrified that android has only 1G of 8G for apps on this device (Unusable). I truly wish to try ubuntu on it if at all possible. Tried rooting with kingo root, kingroot, iroot installed app on android method all fail.

following the ubuntu guide

Tablet is reset to factory settings, no data loss.

    $ adb shell grep ro.product.name /system/build.prop > mydevicedata \
&& adb shell grep build.id /system/build.prop >> mydevicedata \
&& adb shell grep ro.product.device /system/build.prop >> mydevicedata 

gives this result

$ cat mydevicedata 

I am stuck at Headline "About adb and fastboot"

adb reboot bootloader

only reboots device,

I believe there is no combination of power and volume buttons trying to get in bootloader tablet just shuts down when power is pressed during boot.

Device is visible in adb

$ adb devices 
List of devices attached 
0123456789ABCDEF    device

fastboot devices

returns nothing since I can not get into bootloader.

Miracle is that adb reboot recovery works and I am able to get into recovery


Can anything be done with adb sideload?


Simply put support for Colorovo tablet never even existed.

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