I'm a bit confused about sudo apt-get install python-<package> vs sudo pip install vs pip install. I have read many posts on the matter:

My specific problem is that I have numpy 1.10.2. I try to update it with pip install -U numpy. It downloads 1.10.4, says it installs correctly, but when I do pip show numpy it's still 1.10.2. I'm worried that I have lots of versions everywhere because I wasn't aware of the difference between the installation methods. Also, I probably installed numpy with sudo apt-get, but then other scripts for other packages may have had scripts which pip install or sudo pip install. How can I see what's going on and how can I clean this up?

btw. which pip returns


pip show numpy returns

Name: numpy
Version: 1.10.2
Location: /home/memo/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages

I'm getting the same problem with other packages such as SciPy.


After much trial and error I've found the problem. It's the pip that's in Ubuntu PPA, v1.5.6. Of course it's ultimately my user error, but that version of pip is really not forgiving. I wrote more about it on this post.

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