I am trying to download some files using:

$ for i in `seq 1234 1250`;
    torify wget -A.mp4 http://www.my_example.com/video.php?id=$i&dl=1


Clearly these all downloads will be started simultaneously. How can I dowmload one by one. Though I am not sure but I think that wget exit successfully with a exit status of 8 but am unable to come up with the appropriate if or while/untill statements.

Would somebody help??


You've fallen afoul of shell special characters. With shell quoting, the line:

torify wget -A.mp4 http://www.my_example.com/video.php?id=$i&dl=1


torify wget -A.mp4 http://www.my_example.com/video.php\?id=$i\&dl=1

which will NOT go into the background, and will execute one at a time.

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