I switched to Unity environment and there is a bottom panel of Gnome Classic that is not natural of the proper Unity. How to remove it?

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You are probably running gnome-panel. Check with:

ps -ef | grep panel

and you can see its process ID in second column. For instance, a running panel for me shows like:

john      2324  2191  0 07:09 ?        00:01:11 /usr/lib/unity/unity-panel-service
john     15587 15557  0 14:18 pts/25   00:00:00 gnome-panel
john     15607 15557  0 14:20 pts/25   00:00:00 grep panel

You'll want to keep unit-panel-service. Kill gnome-panel using its PID. For me it goes away with:

kill -9 15587

Where the -9 forces the kill, but is maybe not necessary for this case.

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