I have found that most of the system-wide folders and configurations have a per-user counterpart. Can someone advise me if this also goes for the wallpapers.

Examples are:

Name               System-Wide                 Per-User
Applications       /usr/share/applications     ~/.local/share/applications
Themes             /usr/share/themes           ~/.themes
Fonts              /usr/share/fonts            ~/.fonts
Wallpaper          /usr/share/backgrounds      ~/?????

For backgrounds I tried both ~/.local/share/backgrounds and ~/.backgrounds, neither works. I'm still trying to find the per-user area for this folder. If none exist I can stop looking.


I found a per user wallpaper area. You can get to it by:

(right click on the) Desktop -> (Click) Change Desktop background 
(on the Wallpapers drop-down select) Pictures.

The background images are the pictures in your default ~/Pictures folder.

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