i'm looking for a command that can sync dir1 and dir2, without swapping and deleting the files in those directories.

The current command i'm using is

rsync -av --delete dir1 dir2

which deletes files that belong to dir2 but not dir1. In other words, it will create a duplicate dir1 in a fast way.

say, for example, i add 5 files to dir2 and would like to preserve the order of the command rsync. i want to sync it back to dir1. what options of rsync are available that can help me doing this?

assume i don't want to delete any files in both directories.

  • Try unison – a file-synchronization tool for Unix. – A.B. Jan 19 '16 at 15:44
  • @A.B. : I have, it seems a little confusing but it's a good package. thanks for the recommendation! – kensaii Jan 20 '16 at 20:54

You can you this command

if [ -n "$(rsync -anv --delete dir1/ dir2/ | grep deleting)" ]; then \
    rsync -av dir2/ dir1/; else rsync -av dir1/ dir2/; fi

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