After eyeing Unity's notification APIs for the past few releases, I've developed an itch to write a feed reader that syndicates new arrivals in the Messaging Menu...

Messaging menu

... and provides search in the dash.

Dash image

It would be nice to open the dash straight from the messaging menu, directly to the feed lens searching a selected term. Look at the pictures above to see what I mean.


Essentially, is there a Unity API to:

  1. Summon the dash?
  2. Set the dash's active lens?
  3. Set the dash's search term?


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You can certainly add search data sources (we call them "scopes") for the Dash, and lenses through which to view them. Scopes can also add results to existing lenses.

I don't know that there is an API today to invoke the dash on a particular lens programatically, but it's a very good idea that such an API exist. I like the example you give of having an indicator which has a menu item that leads to a lens very much.

So, please file a bug, feel free to copy this comment in for support, and patches welcome.

Addendum: bug #896402 has been filed.


It should be possible. You can have a look at the 'documentation' here (python) or here. Maybe you should file a bug report that the documentation is less then incomplete.

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