Some time ago Lazarus began to work incorrect ("the project uses target OS Linux and i386"). It doesn't work at all now - I can't compile even an empty program. I tried to remove Lazarus several times. But after new installation I have the same problem. In the past I hadn't such problem.

What does in mean? I think, some components of Lazarus remain after the removal of Lazarus. I tried to use Synaptic, apt-get remove/autoremove/purge, but useless.

What else can I do?


There may be old Lazarus configuration files in your home folder.

I'm not familiar with Lazarus so you'll have to experiment a bit. Open your home folder, click View ▸ Show Hidden Files, and then look for anything related to Lazarus:

If any of these exist, try disabling them by trashing or renaming them to restore Lazarus to its default configuration.

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