My machine(linux) is connected to my dorm network using wifi connection and accessing the internet through proxy server. Now my dorm have both lan connection as well as wifi. So some computers are connected on wifi network and some using wired lan. I tried nmap, arp-scan but donot find the results.

I want to know the ip address and hostname of all the computer connected in this local network. How to do that?


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I don't know which parameters you tried but

sudo nmap -sS -sU -T5 -A -v

usually does the trick. Remember this will take some time and will be noisy because of the -T5 flag but its your network, so happy hunting.

You can use other tools like

xprobe2 and nikto

nikto on github

xprobe2 on sourceforge

Compile from source to use in either linux or windows

Here is a simple example of snmp reconnaissance hack-like-pro-exploit-snmp-for-reconnaissance-0150181

For OS foot-printing and if you are interested you can look into snmp hacking to gather info from a client server environment.

There are tools like snmpget and snmpwalk which are very easy to use.

There are other ways for foot-printing CEH heavy stuff which needs studying and hands on practice, but in your scenario I don't think that’s worth the time.

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