I use the very useful and small birthday (and more) reminder tool Gbirthday a lot, but there is no Unity indicator for it (at least not yet, unless someone creates it) and you have to whitelist the notification applet for the panel.

Is there a good alternative birthday reminder that works with Unity?
And that gets the dates from the Evolution addressbook/calendar?
Or a tool that gets the dates from a file that can be easily created with Evolution, so it can be done regularly?



You could try google calendar and then add 'Google' under 'Online Accounts' in 'System Settings'. This will pop reminders up for appointments you have made on your Google calendar in unity.

  • Thanks for quick answer, but I prefer a solution I don't need internet connection to update the information.
    – Filbuntu
    Oct 26 '11 at 10:42
  • Also, 'Online Accounts' isn't displayed in system settings in a standard 12.04 install - at least in my experience. See this bug
    – trent
    Sep 13 '12 at 13:34

After waiting and searching for an answer/alternative for the birthday reminder status icon/indicator/tool Gbirthday for 7 years, I have not found any. But fortunately Gbirthday is still alive. It was ported to Qt and is called now Qbirthday.
You can install it in Ubuntu, instructions here.

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