I've been trying to get group video chat working on skype on ubuntu 15.10. The problem is, it is not supported in skype 4.3 (current linux release).

I have been trying to run newer versions of skype with wine. With v6.0 and up, I got runtime error 217, and I was unable to fix this.

I then tried using skype 5.0, which did launch using wine, but gave me the "unable to connect" message when I was sure I used the correct login credentials. Looks to me like skype can't access the Internet.

I was wondering if there was a fix for this problem that might allow internet access to skype 5.0 in wine.


According to Wine, Login in on Skype for Wine does not work. You must edit your Skype.desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Skype 7 Wine
Exec=env WINEPREFIX="/home/.../.wine" wine C:\\\\Program\\ Files\\ \\(x86\\)\\\\Skype\\\\Phone\\\\Skype.exe /username:"username" /password:"password"
Comment=Launch Skype 7 Wine
Path=/home/.../.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program Files (x86)/Skype/

www.Winehq.org Skype for Linux

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