So I downloaded the iso : ubuntu- 14.04.3 -desktop- amd64 in order to burn it to a USB key to this I used the pendrive which allows me to burn the iso on my key . After that I opened the app Wubi to install ubuntu on my laptop . After install and reboot , I can not seem to open ubuntu on my PC , he wrote me that there is an error on the file whose path is:


I do the same steps on my computer and everything is working normally .... :( :( :(

I do not understand why my laptop it does not work ... I tried to reinstall it with other means but the problem persists. And I do not want to erase Windows 10 to put ubuntu .

There is anyone who could help me please ???? :'( ...


Probably, you use Windows in UEFI mode. If your Windows is installed in UEFI mode (=default mode for Windows 10), Microsoft has blocked the loading of non-UEFI or non-Windows bootloader from Windows boot menu. Same issue with tools like EasyBCD. See here. This means the bootloader of all official Wubi versions does not work.

You can use either a standard installation without Wubi (recommended - see here ) or community developed Wubi versions which support UEFI. See here.

I use Windows in UEFI mode, a recommended standard Ubuntu installation and a Wubi installed Ubuntu on the same machine. All works without problems. After installation all bootloaders are available in the UEFI menu of your machine.


Wubi does not work with Windows 8, 8.1, or 10. You will have to install Ubuntu on its own partition. Instructions here: Installing Ubuntu Alongside a Pre-Installed Windows with UEFI

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