After waking from suspend, my wifi doesn't work. I'm using a USB wifi adapter.

In the Network Manager indicator dropdown, "Enable networking" is checked, "enable Wi-Fi" isn't appearing at all.

When I run nmcli nm, the STATE is disconnected, rather than asleep as in this post.

When I run ifconfig, wlan1 doesn't appear at all.

My current solution is to run sudo killall NetworkManager each time I wake my computer. This does reinstate wlan1, and the internet works again.

What's the way forward here? Do I need a new driver? Change a NetworkManager permission? Write a script to killall NetworkManager every wake?


Since you know what fixes it via the command line, I'd just place that in a script that automatically runs during wake with the problem solved in a minute or so: how to execute a command after resume from suspend?

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