Aquaris E5 HD, Ubuntu Edition; Ubuntu 15.04, OTA-8.5

My phone does not ring / play any sound on speakers. No problems to answer calls, when having notice by vibrating / display notification; I have the phone for some weeks now and at the very beginning sound worked; short after it stopped playing sounds; unmuted and uninstalled pathwind - no difference; sometimes it still plays ringtones - but have no idea under which circumstances; even when it rings for one time, it does not anymore one call later, although I did not make any changes in settings between the two incoming calls; It does not play sounds / ringtones when selecting them in settings (no difference which ringtone I select).

Today I made full reset on phone (by Settings in Menu) - still no sounds.

Does anyone have the same problem? Does anyone know how to get ringtones / sound / speakers to work?

(Reported bug today: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1533251 )

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