I'm using ubuntu 14.04 & I need to decrease all the icons size in one move, can I do it or I must resize each icon?

  • For Ubuntu 17.04 with Gnome Flashback: Go to Files (file manager app), go to the Desktop folder, hold control + scroll mouse wheel. This changes the sizes in both the window and on the desktop. – Ondra Žižka Jun 27 '17 at 14:10

Right-click on your desktop, click on Desktop Settings. There you should have 3 tabs: Background, Menus, and Icons. CLick on Icons and you should see Icon size. Adjust Icon size accordingly.


The comment above gives the correct answer:

From this answer: askubuntu.com/questions/129820/…. -- Open file explorer -- Edit > Preferences > Icon View Defaults Set as you wish. – md_essam


For the file manager in Ubuntu 16.04 you use scroll wheel and crtl in the file manager, only it does not get any smaller than 32 pt.

  • The question refers to Ubuntu 14.04, not 16.04. – Bernmeister Oct 30 '17 at 22:39

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