Okay, so, I already know about the Ctrl+Shift+U+Hex method of inputting unicode characters.

I would like to change this just slightly to accept the decimal value of the desired unicode character rather than the hex value. I want to do this because

  • Coming from Alt codes, I already have the decimal values of the characters I want to use memorized and do not want to relearn (or worse, use mental math to convert to) hex
  • Given that I know how to type and my left hand is occupied holding Ctrl+Shift I have to hunt-and-peck for characters my right hand doesn't know how to find unconsciously

Is there a simple way to change this? If not, where is the behavior of presuming hexadecimal input defined (as specific as you can get)?

Assuming there's not, I just want to be pointed in the right direction. I'm willing to modify, build, and reinstall pretty much any package.

Alternatively, would there be a workaround possible, like binding an alternative key combination (something like Ctrl+Super+Decimal) to a function that would convert the decimal to hex and simulate the "correct" (Ctrl+Shift+U+Hex) keyboard input?

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