I have an Ubuntu 15.04 64bit with 4GB RAM. I do not have a separate swap partition, but a swapfile of 8GB. The system recognizes the swap.

I have tried to set swappiness to 15 by adding it to the last line of /etc/sysctl.conf. The last 3 lines of $cat /etc/sysctl.conf are

# ADDED ON 9JAN16 for swap trial

However, when my system starts up, the swappiness value is 1

$ cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness

Manually setting vm.swappiness changes the value

$ sudo sysctl vm.swappiness=15
vm.swappiness = 15
$ cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness

Swappiness becomes 1 again when I boot up the system next time.

NOTE - I had previously tried to setup hibernation using Debian's tutorial to hibernate without a swap partition and failed. I have removed uswusp that I had installed for that process. Perhaps there is something in there that is overriding sysctl.conf, but I am not smart enough to figure it out.

How do I set default value of swappiness to 15?

  • Is there more than one occurrence of vm.swappiness in your /etc/sysctl.conf file? – Jeffrey Lam Jan 11 '16 at 23:07
  • @JeffreyLam - there is just one occurence of vm.swappiness – 3l4ng Jan 12 '16 at 8:04
  • 1
    I found something in your Debian tutorial. Create a file called local.conf in /etc/sysctl.d and add the kernel variable there so it sticks: vm.swappiness=1. Is this /etc/sysctl.d/local.conf file still there? Does it still say vm.swappiness=1 inside it? – Jeffrey Lam Jan 18 '16 at 12:11
  • 1
    argh! I thought we had it. Can you post these into your question: your /etc/sysctl.conf file and the contents of your /etc/sysctl.d/ directory? (The commands cat /etc/sysctl.conf and ls -l /etc/sysctl.d/ will get these) There might be something in one of the files inside the sysctl.d directory that sets the swappiness. – Jeffrey Lam Jan 18 '16 at 18:29
  • 1
    Actually. it turns out that there was some .conf file in etc/sysctl.d/ that had a line to set swappiness. Deleted that and swappiness is now set via /etc/sysctl.conf. Thanks for all the help – 3l4ng Jan 20 '16 at 9:14

It turned out that there was a .conf in /etc/sysctl.d/ that had the line setting vm.swappiness = 1

Deleting that allows swappiness to be set from /etc/sysctl.conf file.

I guess the takeaway from this issue is that a .conf file in /etc/sysctl.d/ can override an entry in /etc/sysctl.conf

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