I recently bought a ASUS K501UX with Windows 10 (64 bit) pre-installed. I want to install Ubuntu in dual boot with Windows 10. I tried:

  • Advanced: Fast bios mode to disabled
  • Boot: Secure Boot to Disabled
  • Boot: Boot device priority -> set USB HDD at top
  • I also turned off fast boot option under control panel under Windows 10. After restart with my bootable USB, the computer freezes. I put here the last screenshot I took. Screenshot

Do you have any ideas on what I need to do to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 10? Thanks a lot.



hmm according to the screenshot it seems to be a nouveau error.

nouveau is the open-source nvidia driver and may not support your card. if it's 900M-series.

Can you access the GRUB menu?, if so then try putting


as kernel parameter in place of quiet splash, it should boot you into desktop, but you will always have to put it on boot, unless you install the proper drivers.

Also, do you have by any chance a Skylake processor?, then you at least 15.10 is recommended.

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  • Thanks for the suggestion, putting nomodeset I was able to try ubuntu (it did not recognize the wireless card though). – Ciro Jan 9 '16 at 20:33
  • well, then you need an ethernet adapter to connect to the internet, install Ubuntu, install the appropriate drivers for your nvidia-card, then go to Ubuntu-Software-Center->Edit->Software and Sources->Additional Drivers and it may probably have a proprietary driver for your wireless card (ignore the ones for nvidia) see here: askubuntu.com/questions/235279/… – philsegeler Jan 9 '16 at 20:37

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