I know there a lot of similar questions, but for some reason even after reading them it does not work. I would like to create a video from a series of png-files.

The files are named like

img_0000000001_something.png img_0000000002_something.png img_0000000003_something.png

If I try

avconv -i 'img_%010d_int.png' -r 20 intensity.mkv


avconv -i "img_int%010d*.png" -r 20 -c:v libx264 -crf 20  -pix_fmt yuv420p intensity.mov

(where the latter one gives my desired format) i get the following error message:

img_%010d_int.png: No such file or directory

alhtough I am certainly in the folder, where the png-files are.

Any suggestions? Could it be the _something?

Kind Regards

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The "%010d" syntax is only for output files

Instead of

avconv -i 'img_%010d_int.png' -r 20 intensity.mkv


avconv -i 'img_*_int.png' -r 20 intensity.mkv

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