I tried updating to 15.04. I can't get to the GUI. At boot I get a txt message "starting version 2.19 and then a terminal log in comes up. My login works but none of the terminal solutions I have found on Ask Ubuntu work. I tried creating a ubuntu USB drive and even after resetting the computer to boot from the USB drive first. the computer just ends up with the version 2.19. I don't know a lot of ubuntu commands. The only reason I am familiar with the commands is that I used a command line in the DOS days. Please help

  • I was experiencing the same problem as you, but on netrunner 17. Manually upgrading my desktop environment solved it for me. sudo apt-get install <your_DE> – x13 Feb 1 '16 at 8:23

Try the startx command to open the GUI after having logged in.

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